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Can I change my route?

Yes. Routes start at different times. Show up in time for your route, get in the “Already Registered” line, and let the volunteers know you want to switch routes. There is nothing else you need to do.

How much is registration?

Cost varies based on where and when you register. See the registration details page for more information.

Where can I register?
In store coupons or online discount options available. See the registration details page for more info.
I didn't get a receipt, am I registered?
Maybe not. Please call us at 503-459-4508 to confirm. All registrants receive a paper or electronic receipt (depending on how they registered), but it is possible your e-mail address was entered incorrectly or the receipt was filtered out by your spam settings.
Do I need to check in for the ride?
Yes, all riders must be registered to participate and when you check in for the ride you will receive your rider number, which is proof of registration. This also contains your dinner ticket and free beer ticket. You will access service, perks and rest stops with your rider number. It is a bib you need to wear and have with you at all times.
Are kids allowed?
Yes! Children are allowed on the ride. All riders under 14 must be accompanied by an adult who is also riding. All riders on bicycles are full cost. Children being pulled in a trailer or in a child seat are charged a reduced entry fee. We charge pedaling children full price because they are fully provided all of the same safety and support services, including a SAG vehicle for their bikes, mechanical support, rest stop, medical support, finish line party, etc.
How do I get my rider materials?
You may pick up your rider number and maps at the Pre-Ride Party (information below) In or at the event. See the schedule for details.


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How will I know where to go?

See the route details page for a map of the ride. This is only an overview map and is subject to minor adjustments. You will receive a course map at the event. We will also have an oversize map at the start line and at the Pre-Ride Party for you to review and ask questions.

Do we get a map?

Yes. We will have maps for you at the start line.

How is the course marked?

We use Dan Henry colored markings on the pavement for a portion of the course and bright yellow arrows at eye level.


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What is the Pre-Ride Party?

This event is optional. You do not have to attend. It is free and it is an opportunity to pick up your rider materials before the day of the ride. See the registration details page for more info on when and where.

Can I pick up rider materials for other people?

Yes, but be sure to inform them that you have their materials.

What if I can't make it or didn't make it?

No problem. Just go to the start line at the time your course opens, you’ll be able to pick up all your rider materials then and there.


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Do I have to carry my own stuff?

We suggest you bring two water bottles and anything else you need to be comfortable on the ride. At the SALES AND INFO tent, we can accept a WELL SEALED AND LABELLED bag that will be available for you at the finish line. Please bring a bag if you think you will leave items behind.

What kind of food is on course?

We provide a variety of tasty and nutritious food along the way. If you have special dietary needs, please bring sufficient amounts of food to fuel your ride and keep you happy and healthy along the way.

How often are there rest stops?

Rest stops are every 15 miles, on average.

Are dogs allowed on course?

Dogs that are extremely well trained to ride in a trailer without continually barking are welcome on the course. Out of concern for the safety of your dog and other riders, dogs must be very familiar with riding in a trailer to come on this ride.

It can take a dog quite a while to get used to trailer riding. If your dog is not already trained, please leave him or her at home where Fido will be much safer and happier, as will the riders around you as you are riding on busy roads.
Dogs must be on a leash at all times at the finish line.

Dogs are not allowed inside the Lucky Lab, but the festivities take place outside anyway.


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