How to Check In For the Ride

All riders must check in for the ride. When you check in, you’ll receive all the materials you need to participate in the ride.

Checking in is as easy as 1-2-3.

1) Attend the Pre-Ride Party or arrive at the start line at the time registration opens for your course (see the schedule).

2) Park your bike. (Registration goes MUCH more quickly if you do not have your bike with you).

3) We will award you a rider number with your lunch ticket. The rider number gets you access to the course, support, lunch , dinner and your pint glass.


Proof of purchase is not required (we will have you on a list) but we suggest you bring your registration receipt just in case.

Plan to send one person to check in for your entire group – it speeds up the process for you and everyone else.

Plan extra time for parking and checking in on the morning of the ride.

Be cautious as you approach the start line. Read THIS PAGE for more info on getting to the check in area on the morning of the ride.