The Big Dog

An excellent tour of Portland with some major hill climbing and a lot to see along the way. You’ll tour Portland’s western hilly edges. Did we mention hills? Your challenge is in the climbing, not the distance. Get ready for an awesome climbing route way up to Council Crest, then a fast cruise to drop down into NW Portland.

This course follows the same course as the Puppy Route, but includes an additional rest stop at the Multnomah Village Lucky Lab. This will be your first rest stop – getting your climbing out of the way early on for a nice smooth ride the rest of the day.

This map is interactive. Zoom in, choose to view the landscape (satellite view) or just a map view.


Route subject to change at anytime.

*Climbing difficulty is a sliding scale is based on the following criteria: Easy: Gently rolling terrain with few short hills. Moderate: Has rolling short steep hills or moderate, sustained climbs. Difficult: Has longer, steeper hills or extreme terrain with frequent steep hills and long sustained climbs.